Matcha House


Matcha House™

Is a luxury eCommerce store for premium Japanese Matcha, in Saudi Arabia.

The Mission

Create a luxury brand that has its roots deep in Japanese culture. For Saudi people. This is a hard task considering the complications of Japanese history.
From the very beginning, Matcha House™ clearly wants to be #1 in Saudi.

The Outcome

I helped Matcha House™ clarify its brand strategy, designed the visual identity with that strategy from the ground up, and built a highly effective brand identity that helped Matcha House™ spread its message and sell its products.

The Impact

Two Months after Matcha House™ brand identity launch, it’s got over 9k+ followers on Instagram alone, with a 4%+ conversion rate, and its target audience completely fell in love ❤ with the brand message and its packaging.


Matcha House™ Brand is now featured on Packaging of the World, Click Here to visit it.


Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Sub-Logos Design
Products Naming
Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design




Three weeks.


Less than $3000



Moodboard and Art Direction​​​​​​​

How I brainstorm ideas, draw sketches, and create the art direction for Matcha House™ with it’s founder —Saleh.

Behind The Scenes

How I created Matcha House™ logo from scratch with Saleh’s feedback in mind.
“I know a ton of work ☺ “.

Matcha Types Stories

How I come up with the three main matcha types’ names, sub-logos, and color pallettes.

Matcha House in Real Life

How Matcha House™ customers enjoyed their matcha. Every image is a happy customer.☺

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