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Royal Coffee™

Royal Lab & Roastery coffee is made up of three words: Roasters, Lab, and Royal 👑.

The Mission

There is a huge gap between the quality of coffee beans and those in Saudi Arabia. The latter is low quality to match the low-price tags. Because of that, there is a lot of demand for premium quality coffee beans no matter the price. And that’s why Royal Roastery™ exists.

Elevator Pitch

You know when people complain that they can’t buy high-quality coffee beans inside of Saudi, even though they are willing to pay more for it? At Royal Coffee & Roastry™ we provide premium-quality coffee beans for Saudi people.

The Problem

The product alone (coffee beans) can’t effectively communicate its value to the target customer, so Royal Roastery™ wasn’t to build a brand to do the heavy lifting for it.

The Objective

The brand wants to represent the aspect of premium quality no matter what the cost is and do so with the Saudi culture at the center of it all.

Target audience

Coffee lover-Saudi people between 18  and 50, seeking the best-quality coffee beans in Saudi.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

The business Co-Founder and CEO (Mohammed Ruthan) is a Q Arabica Grader, Authorized SCA Trainer, and WCE Certified Sensory Judge.

Strongest Competitor


Brand Look & Feel

The brand should look Luxurious, Elegant, Clean, Powerful, Confident, Unique, and Generous.

The Solution

The logo is a simple crown icon on top of the ‘O’ letter to give the brand a luxurious feel. I chose the color ‘Green’ as the dominant color because of its connection to Saudi culture.


Logo Design
Brand Identity Design




Three weeks.


Less than $2000



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