Landscape CASE STUDY Landscape™ Is a technology newsletter that features the latest and most innovative tech products in the MENA region. The Mission Create a high-tech brand that reflects the mission of the business which is to help people discover new tech products. The Outcome I helped Landscape™ design its visual identity and built a […]

Royal Coffee™

Royal Lab & Roastery CASE STUDY Royal Coffee™ Royal Lab & Roastery coffee is made up of three words: Roasters, Lab, and Royal 👑. The Mission There is a huge gap between the quality of coffee beans and those in Saudi Arabia. The latter is low quality to match the low-price tags. Because of that, there […]


Catcha CASE STUDY Catcha™ Is an E-commerce store for Matcha related products. The name is a combination of two words cat and Matcha. The Mission All matcha brands have a clinical and medical approach to the benefits of Matcha. Catcha’s goal is to fight that with to provide a casual and fun approach to that. […]


Ashal CASE STUDY Ashal™ Is the biggest educational platform for booking teachers and courses, and it’s the first one in Oman. The Mission To help Omani parents have access to high-quality educational materials for their children from the comfort of their own houses. Brand Look & Feel The brand should look friendly, fun, and professional.  […]

Wafa Ahmed™

Wafa Ahmed CASE STUDY Wafa Ahmed™ Is an independent makeup artist which have more than ten years of experience in the field of make-up, and she recently moved to Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Wafaa is a mobility Makeup artist, which means she will come to the brides’ houses rather than them coming to her. […]

Matcha House™

Matcha House CASE STUDY Matcha House™ Is a luxury eCommerce store for premium Japanese Matcha, in Saudi Arabia. The Mission Create a luxury brand that has its roots deep in Japanese culture. For Saudi people. This is a hard task considering the complications of Japanese history.From the very beginning, Matcha House™ clearly wants to be […]


Holla CASE STUDY Holla™ Holla is an online store that facilitates the purchase of home clothes for women and children, by providing distinctive products, various options, and fast delivery, at an affordable price. Elevator Pitch Did you know that not wearing comfortable clothes reduces the quality of sleep? Some people don’t care about that, which […]


Ahlan CASE STUDY Ahlan™ Is an NFC-based business card service, that helps professionals exchange info. Easily. The name “Ahlan” is an easy-to-pronounce and common welcoming word in the middle east. As businessmen always share their business cards and info with each other so NFC cards will make it easier and faster to share your contact. […]

Case Study Template

Mahfol CASE STUDY Mahfol™ Is a SaaS startup, that provides payment gateway and other eCommerce management solutions for KSA-based businesses, on any eCommerce platform. The Mission To help Mahfol™ communicate its offering very clearly to its target audience, and to get investors interested in joining this very-needed service in KSA.  The Outcome I helped Mahfol™ […]


Mahara CASE STUDY Mahara™ Is Marketing agency the provides the best marketing solutions in Saudi Arabia. After they had a successful banding, and the business is going good, they thought it’s a time for a Rebrand to make them at the top of everything. Awards Mahara™ Brand Identity is now featured on the World Brand Design […]